Planet friendly pancakes

There are many ways to make the world more sustainable, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

Being pancake makers, we’ve looked closely at what has the greatest impact on the environment when making our pancakes. The conclusion? It’s our ingredients.

The Ingredients needed to make a traditional pancake  account for 60% of the CO2e.

Cow’s milk versus oat drink

Classic pancakes contain milk, but as everyone knows by now, the meat and dairy industry has a considerable effect on climate change.

That’s why we started experimenting with alternatives to cow’s milk. After a LOT of testing (and tasting, of course), our homemade oat drink turns out to be the secret key ingredient, and we’re pretty proud of it! Not only have we created a flippin’ delicious recipe, it’s also much better for the planet.

So, how come OaYeah! pancakes are so much less harmful to the environment than regular ready-to-eat pancakes made from cow’s milk? We’ve teamed up with Carboncloud, THE experts in calculating the climate footprint of food products, to show you how it works.

The graphics on HERE do a much better job at sharing the numbers than we could ever explain in text.

With our recipe we have reduced the total carbon footprint by no less than 25% for large pancakes and 30% for fluffy pancakes!

Climate footprint:

1l of oat drink VS 1l of Cow’s milk:

What about the eggs?

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way yet to leave eggs out without compromising on taste and texture.

But our pancakes contain less egg than ready-to-eat pancakes made with cow’s milk: 20% less for the fluffy ones and 10% for the large ones.

Our packaging

Fresh food needs good packaging for product safety, shelf life and maintaining quality. We would love to be plastic-free, but unfortunately that’s not possible (yet).

However, 50% of the plastic we use is recycled. Also, the cardboard boxes in which the OaYeah! pancakes are delivered to the supermarket are 100% FSC – which simply means that the raw material for the cardboard is 100% guaranteed to come from responsibly managed forests.

The future for OaYeah!

Our sustainable journey with OaYeah! doesn’t stop with making our pancakes dairy-free*. Behind the scenes we are already testing new recipes without eggs – but before we introduce anything to the market, it needs to be just as delicious (or even more) as with egg. Also, we’re continuously looking for safe and sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging.

We know that we can’t save the world with pancakes. Still we want to do our bit. So, we’re determined to do a little better every day, step by step.

* Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk products, so may contain traces of milk.