OaYeah! pancakes: the best staple food for your fridge

We’ve got two yummy varieties for you: fluffy pancakes and large, thin ones. Both are made with our creamy homemade oat drink that we call OAT-no-M!LK. And a big bonus from taking out the cow’s milk is that we’re saving up to 30% on CO2e emissions – pretty impressive right? This is not only better for the environment, the taste benefits too. Thanks to the natural sweetness of the oats, they’re just as scrumptious as homemade pancakes.

OaYeah! pancakes also have: less saturated fat and less sugar, which make them healthier compared to ready-to-eat pancakes with cow’s milk. So it’s a win-win-win!

the Fluffy American-style pancakes

These pancakes come in a pack of four, and you won’t believe how thick and fluffy they are! Choose a simple topping or go all out. Have you tried fresh raspberries and some maple syrup yet? Beware though, you might scream for more after devouring your first one.

The large pancake

You can serve the large, thin pancakes with your favourite fresh fruit, jams, sauce or ice cream and dig in. How about some chopped up banana, chocolate sauce and lashings of whipped cream – you can select the dairy-free option to lower your environmental footprint. Either roll them up or cut them up as they are. There’s six of them for you to enjoy in each package.

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