Oat drink pancakes, good for your mood and the planet

The best thing about our pancakes? They are just flippin’ delicious! Our homemade oat drink plays a big part in this. It’s naturally sweet and creamy, giving the pancakes the maximum flavour. Let the mouth-watering begin.

OaYeah! pancakes are not only super tasty, they’re better for you AND the planet. Whether you’re craving a quick breakfast, a big brunch, a tasty snack or an indulgent dessert, our pancakes can turn any time of day into a moment of bliss.

And to top it all off they contain less sugar and less saturated fat than ready to eat pancakes made with cow’s milk.

Helping pancake lovers make healthier and more eco-friendly choices – that’s what we’re all about. Replacing dairy with oats is a good first step and we’re proud to have produced our own oat drink, we call it OAT-no-M!LK.

Apart from being so sweet and creamy, our OAT-no-M!LK has far less impact on the climate. In other words, OaYeah! gives you feelgood pancakes that you can enjoy with peace of mind.